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The 3D Universe Theory
Patrick Tonin

Please note that the theory on this website is a bit out of date. I have improved the theory quite a bit since I last wrote what's on this website but I just haven't had the time to update it properly. If you like some of my ideas then please stay tuned because more and much better is to come...


The 3D Universe Theory describes the Universe as a growing sphere of layered information
with only three dimensions: two space dimensions and one dimension which is both space and time.
The information describing our "present" moment is contained in a 2D layer of that sphere
and past/present/future co-exist as concurrent layers. Each layer is scaling up with time.
The Universe follows two simple ratios: 8π-1 and Phi (the Golden ratio)

Simple equations suggest that this model is correct, here are a few:

1) The Universe is a growing sphere of information and is fundamentally holographic:

The Universe information sphere is composed of Planck size Universal Bits (UBís), the inverse
of the surface area in Planck units gives a correct value for the Dark Energy Density:

Value of Dark Energy Density (in Planck units):

2) The Universe is scaling up with time: (at our present times the scale factor is 1020)

We show that the protonís diameter is a scaled up version of the Planck length. Starting with the Planck Length then using the 1020 scale factor and the 8π-1 ratio (in this case 8π-1/8π) we get a correct value for the protonís radius measured with a muon but more astonishingly, by dividing that value again by the same expression, we get the correct value for the protonís radius measured with an electron.

Proton's radius (measured with muon):

Proton's radius (measured with electron):

Using the 8π-1 ratio again (in this case 8π-1/π) and the 1020 scale factor,
we show that the protonís mass is a scaled down version of the Planck mass.

Protonís mass in relation to the Planck Mass:

Protonís mass and protonís diameter in relation to the Planck Constant and the speed of light:

3) The 8π-1 ratio is fundamental to the Universe:

Proton to electron mass ratio:

Gravitational coupling constant (Proton):

4) The golden ratio is fundamental to the Universe:

Electronís mass: (Phi has a dimension of Time in sec)

Electronís Compton wavelength: (Phi has a dimension of Time in sec)

Electronís Compton frequency: (Phi has a dimension of Time in sec)

Electronís charge:

Fine structure constant:

Age of the Universe:

The 3D Universe Theory is proposed as a possible framework for a Theory of Everything (ToE).
It can be seen as a combination of the following existing theories/hypothesis:

- Steady state theory
- Wheelerís It from Bit
- Diracís large numbers hypothesis
- Holographic principle
- Scale expanding cosmos theory
- Creation ex-nihilo theory

The 3D Universe Theory also introduces original features like the coexistence of past/present/future, the linking of fundamental dimensions (T=L2 and M=L2/T) and a fundamental matter/energy density ratio (8π-1).

Main features of the 3D Universe Theory
The start of the Universe and its fundamental structure
Existence and information
The perception of existence/information
The evolution of a 3D world
Matter particles
Some numbers
The Planck Length and the proton radius
The coherent space-time continuum
Quick overview of different topics
Revised fundamental dimensions
Calculation of Universe fundamental constants
Self-similarity of the Universe on different size scales

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